Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. -Yeats

del Sol’s program is based on the assumption that children are important people. We believe that children have a right to be nurtured by teachers who honor them for who they are—unique, creative individuals, rich in being & potential, capable & powerful, loving & giving, possessing a natural sense of wonder, curiosity, desire, excitement, and joy in living & learning.


Serving families with the best in constructivist education since 1982.



del Sol offers a unique and exciting concept in constructivist education for children ages 3-12. Our program focuses on the development and integration of autonomy, relatedness, and competence in all aspects of 'the whole' child, i.e., physical, cognitive, social, emotional, creative, within a ‘hands-on & minds-on’ (constructivist) educational philosophy.

At the core of our children's program is a rich environment of materials, people, ideas, and possibilities – emphasizing active, experiential learning, impelling children to explore, learn, grow and develop. Activities which are developmentally appropriate, as well as nurturing of children's multiple intelligences, honor individual growth, creativity, and generate successes which sustain children's natural enthusiasm for learning.

Our small, intimate environment focuses on facilitating autonomy, relatedness, and competence in social, emotional, as well as cognitive, academic, physical, and creative development. Non-graded, multi-age grouping, creative teaching and learning, and a multi-disciplinary, emergent curriculum, nurturing the development of multiple intelligences, are the rich soil which supports children's diverse abilities, interests, and learning styles.

Creativity and higher level thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and creative problem solving, develop as children apply their expanding knowledge and skills in relevant, meaningful contexts, supporting deep, integrated growth. Children experience profound personal heights as all of the above are built on the critical foundation of positive relationships – with others and self, in a community committed to power-with, win-win, peaceful and creative problem solving. In such a life-affirming environment children experience a breadth of human learning – feeling, thinking, connecting, creating – as the central processes of living, which allow one to interact with the world with confidence and assurance.