Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. -Yeats
 What Do Parents Say? The following statements are excerpts from personal thank you notes written to del Sol owners/teachers: "What a wonderful school del Sol is! Unlike many other schools, del Sol actually does provide the rich educational and creative environment that many other schools claim to have but don't. (Child)'s creative spirit was encouraged by the staff and by the abundant interesting materials available. You truly do have a unique school which allows children to grow, question and learn. You should be very proud of your school and what you have accomplished." "We truly cannot thank you enough for the love, support and nurturing you've provided to (child), not to mention learning excitement and constant discovery! We love Delsol." "Thank you for a wonderful year of learning. (Child) loves her school and teachers. You have laid the ground work for a positive attitude toward school and learning. My husband and I greatly admire and respect your attitude towards the children, and allowing them to evolve into the great people they will be." "(Child) has grown up so much since she came to Del Sol! When she started, I had to drag her out of bed and off to school. When we got there, almost always late, she didn't want me to leave. Now the tables are reversed: she drags me out of bed, nags at me to hurry up and get ready so she can be as early as possible to school and complains if I get there late! She wants to come to school, enjoys school, and is a very responsible student, doing her homework without any reminders from me. Thank you to all the staff!" "Thank you for granting one of our wishes for (child) - that he get the best education possible and that he have the most fun doing it." "Despite the considerable effort it is for us to have our children in school in Manhattan Beach, live in Torrance and work in Culver City and Hawthorne, we feel the extra time and effort spent is worthwhile to obtain the benefits Del Sol is providing." "I feel our decision to entrust our son to Del Sol School for the last five years was absolutely the best decision we have ever made. As parents, we have seen a total positive transformation in our child, each year better than the last...until finally we see this "graduate," our son, emerging with inner qualities and a beautiful personality that we would never have dreamed possible five years ago... a more wonderful legacy could not have been given to (child) in any other school environment I have found. Del Sol has given (child) the sheer joy of learning, of discovery, of creating, and the knowledge that he is a superbly capable person, and yes, even learning to like and appreciate himself. Del Sol, we thank you with all our hearts for all your efforts. We will NEVER EVER forget all the wonderful memories. We are blessed to have been a part of you for the last, and best, five years." "There is no place on Earth that I would rather have my children than at Del Sol!"