How do I enroll?

How Do I Enroll?

How to Pursue Information and Enrollment for 2022-23 School Year

The following information is for parents interested in enrolling their child(ren) for our upcoming School Year 2022-2023 after having reviewed our menu links and taken a live, on-campus tour, followed by an optional Q&A session with our Director.

1. Request an application for each child you would like to enroll and submit it (two documents) along with a family photo and a $150 application fee payable via Venmo to @barbette-ds for the first child and $100 each for subsequent children. Priority Application Deadlines for School Year 2022-23 occur in mid Feb. and Mar. 31, and May 25, 2022. We accept applications through summer time according to remaining openings. As of June 30, we have limited spaces available for both boys and girls ages 3-4. We will post updates on our open spaces every two weeks until there are no more openings. 

  • The application fee is refundable in cases where no opening arises in your child’s age and gender after two years in the waiting pool. However, when an opening arises and the application processing begins, the fee is non-refundable.

NOTE: del Sol does not enroll children via a Wait List common to many preschools where children are accepted according to the date their parents put their name on such a list and from which children are enrolled in sequential order with no regard to enrollment balance in gender, race, and cultural differences. del Sol enrolls via an Application System, in which children and parents and dS Director get to know each other via the many sharings on the application, through the Basic Life Skills form, through verbal conversations with each other and with former teachers, professionals, and via the Child Observation Visit. Both parents and dS evaluate the relationship between home and school as to their mutual compatibility with dS’s educational philosophy of education, and acceptance into dS is scrutinized as to how the individual child will impact the particular cohort and the whole school community.

2. Receive notification that we are beginning the application process (which entire process takes approximately two weeks, depending on the timely cooperation of your child’s current/previous teachers and professional resources). We will first read your application carefully, appreciating the personal info, depth, and details you share with us. Then,

  • We will converse with any previous/current teachers and professional resources to deepen our knowledge of your child’s development and needs. Please contact them to let these professional resources know their subjective/professional observations and experience with your child is a critical component to our application process, and that we would appreciate having a short phone chat with them hearing their perspective on your child’s development, strengths, challenges, interests, uniquenesses, and how they got along in a group setting.
  • We will schedule an observation of your child (aka child observation visit/tour/playdate) in their current local school setting, or in our child-centered outside environment.
  • If we determine at any point during the application process that additional info may be needed, we will request it.
  • If we determine at any point during the application process that dS is not a good match for your child’s development/flourishing, we will relay that to you.

3. Receive notification of your enrollment status.

4. If offered enrollment, you will receive our enrollment contract with tuition and fees due as listed in your contract. (The amount of Tuition & Fees due is explicitly outlined on our web page “Tuition & Fees.”)

5. Receive required State of California Department of Social Services info and forms, complete as indicated, and return to del Sol according to the date given.

6. The Parent Handbook will follow as well as other relevant news re: student/family socials occurring during the late spring and summer months.

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