Part 2: Our Beliefs About Children and Learning


Our Beliefs About Children and Learning

Our Beliefs About Children and Learning

dS’s program is based on the assumption that children are important people. We believe children have a right to be nurtured by teachers who honor them for who they are — unique, creative individuals, capable & powerful, loving & giving, possessing a sense of wonder, curiosity, desire, excitement, a thirst for meaning, learning, and joy in living.

We know, from our own experience and from early childhood development theorists, that young children are impelled to learn, most effectively by doing and reflecting upon it. Knowledge is not something that is given to children, but is actually constructed by the individual child from within through a playful and purposeful use of his/her multiple intelligences when interacting with objects, people, and ideas. Because children are highly motivated to make sense of their world they do not need to be forced to learn. They are natural learners. Each child is viewed as a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth and development. Differences in abilities, development, interests, strengths, and learning styles are expected, accepted, and used to design meaningful activities which will nurture the development of the Whole Child.

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