Part 3: Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

del Sol is a caring, supportive, possibilities environment which impels children to become co-active, self-directed learners who are creatively experiencing, exploring, discovering, inquiring, collaborating, solving, evaluating, expressing, and becoming. Students discover their interests and develop their skills while experiencing the joy and fascination of real human learning.

Experiences are provided to stimulate socially constructed learning in all developmental areas: physical, social, emotional, intrapersonal, cognitive/intellectual, academic, and creative. Underlying all interactions and activities are our goals: to foster the development of caring relationships, connectedness, competencies, thinking skills, meaning and positive feelings toward learning. Our social constructivist curriculum is emergent and integrated, relying heavily on relevancy, meaning, and higher-level thinking skills. Learning centers, explorations, short/long term projects, discussions, and playful/creative activities, initiated by the children as well as the teachers, reflect current interests of the children and our school community.

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