What Do Parents Say?

What Do Parents Say?

“We are forever grateful for the most amazing two years that Reggie has had the privilege of being in your presence, under your tutelage. What a foundation you have set for curiosity, learning, self-regulation, and caring human beings. Teacher appreciation doesn’t quite cut it for you. We are so beyond grateful for your work, your heart, wisdom, passion, integrity, and steadfastness to create an experience and environment that truly builds the most amazing foundation for kids. You are such a foundational piece of Reggie’s development which I know will be her default in life. I know we’d live in a different world if all kids had access to you. There is no greater joy for me than seeing Reggie adore her teacher and school! We are eternally grateful. Forever you will have an imprint on all of us. You are a gem! To say we’ll miss you is an understatement. With great respect, love, gratitude, and appreciation,” -Trish, Ian, and Reggie Keiller

“Thank you for a life-changing experiencing. You and your special place will always be in our hearts. We have seen Damien grow in heart, mind, and spirit with a love for learning and with kindness his intention. We will miss you and del Sol!” – Katie & Dan Seaman

“Thank you, Barbette, for being a truly amazing teacher. Youre not just a teacher but a truly great one – an inspirer, a mother, a therapist, and so much more. Your passion for teaching our kids and your dedication to them is obvious in everything you do. Thank you so much for activating curiosity, knowledge, autonomy, higher level thinking skills, passion, and new visions into our Darian’s life. Darian is so luckly to have been with you!” – Mastaneh Sharafi & Amir Lotfi

“We have truly received a blessing in meeting you. As parents with two young kids, your approach, insights, candor, and energy help fill the voids in our parenting, coaching, and teaching. We are grateful for for the care you give to our children. Surina loves del Sol. I see her learning and growing with enthusiasm. You lead with your heart and that has shown this COVID year. You’ve created a safe environment during this pandemic, not only physically, but psychologically, socially, and emotionally. Each day at pick up I see all smiles.” – Susan & Neerav Shah

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts – for making school a magical place that Nathan loves going to each day. You have created a beautiful, one of a kind, safe environment that nurtures real, meaningful learning! Our family considers Nathan’s years at del Sol as a gift and we cherish all of our amazing memories. del Sol is a one of a kind school and we love it! Cheers!” – Shannon & Dave Gorgone

“Thanks a million for such a wonderful year that you created for Ario. I am sure he had one of the best experiences of his life. Ario’s passion for nature exploded and so did his autonomy, responsibility, and community belonging. You’re “blooming fantastic!” We wish you all the best and thank you for all you’ve done for Ario. We love you so much!” – Azadeh & Amir Dori

“There is no other place on Earth we’’d rather have our child than del Sol. It is a school which truly applies the principles it talks about. Other schools may say the same things, but there is a big difference between them and del Sol. Hands down, del Sol is the only school for us. It’s a gem – hidden from most, but a treasure to those of us who are fortunate enough to have found it.” – Bob Larson & Patrice Leonard

“My son, Nathan, attended del Sol from 2019-2021 and we look back so fondly on his time of growth and connection there. His teachers were wildly dedicated to the students’ overall development and got to know each family as a whole unit. Nathan learned communication skills, conflict resolution, confidence in his abilities, and tons of independence at del Sol which super charged his self-esteem. I truly attribute his willingness to try new things and challenge himself as a now 7.5 year old directly to his time at del Sol. The school and its teachers fostered a love of learning, a curiosity about how things work, and an appreciation for cultures other than our own. The teachers helped the children facilitate plays based on stories they had read and authored, days of family connection by cooking and sharing foods on special occasions, building a pumpkin patch from seed to harvest, watching the butterfly life cycle, creating and navigating their own obstacle courses to play on, and so much more. Our family considers Nathan’s years at del Sol as a gift and we cherish all of our amazing memories there. del Sol is a one of a kind school and we love it and all the teachers.” – Shannon Gorgone