What Do Parents Say?

What Do Parents Say?

“We truly cannot thank you enough for the love, support and nurturing you’ve provided to (Child), not to mention learning excitement and constant discovery! We love del Sol.”

“Thank you for a wonderful year of learning. (Child) loves her school and teachers. You have laid the groundwork for a positive, enthusiastic attitude toward school and learning, AND toward herself — which is priceless!”

“Despite the considerable effort it is for us to have our children at del Sol in Manhattan Beach, live in Torrance, and work in Culver City and Hawthorne, we feel the extra time and effort spent is worthwhile to obtain the benefits del Sol is providing.”

“What a wonderful school del Sol is! (Child)’s creative spirit was encouraged by the staff and by the abundant interesting materials and experiences offered (Child). You truly do have a unique school which allows children to grow, question and learn. You should be very proud of your school and what you have accomplished.”

“Thank you for granting one of our wishes for (Child) – that he get the best education possible and that he have the most fun doing it.”

“There is no place on Earth that I would rather have my children than at del Sol!”

“del Sol is a school which truly applies the pinciples it talks about. Other schools may say the same things, but there is a big difference between them and del Sol. Hands down, del Sol is the only school for us. It’s a gem — hidden from most, but a treasure to those of us who are fortunate enough to have found it.”